I’ve been a crafter and a DIYer forever. I have so many passions - but those two will get the top of the list every time.

When I was 4, I remember staring at the seams in my jeans and thinking that sewing looked so easy! Just by looking at those seams, I could see how easy it would be to do it myself. My mom handed me a needle and some thread and I just taught myself how to sew right then and there. That’s the first time I remember having this spark of inspiration go off in my head that pushed me to create something new.


  1. Creating is therapeutic. If you’re going through something (and aren’t we all because life is HARD), doing something that you enjoy, something that makes you feel like YOU, is good medicine for your soul.
  2. Creating makes you feel like the best version of yourself. God gave us these crazy creative gifts, and we gotta use them! When you’re using everything God’s given you for his glory - that’s being who you were meant to be.
  3. Creating brings joy - to your life and to others’ lives, which might be the best part! Creating can change the world.


As a crazy go-getter, whenever I have an idea, I go for it full-force. And as a creative, I’ve got ideas popping into my head at all hours.

I firmly believe in doing something creative everyday. We’ve all got a creative bone in our bodies, and I use mine every. single. day. Sometimes it’s just lettering a verse in my Bible, sometimes it’s sitting down with my sketchbook and drawing, sometimes it’s getting out ALL my watercolors and painting every piece of paper in sight, and sometimes it’s crafting something for my Etsy shop.

This is all about me sharing my creations with all of you, and hoping that I can inspire you to spend time being creative too.

I’m a lover and follower of Jesus and a student just trying to make it through college. I’m an “athleisure” kinda girl - aka I wear leggings all the time but mixed with nice tops so I look semi-presentable. You can often find me working from my bed because comfort and inspiration totally mix!

We would probably be friends in real life if you also spend most of your free time at Target, have 15 slightly different shades of neutral nail polish, are obsessed with succulents, have collected 572,949 coffee mugs, and are intensely attached to your planner.