5 ways to impact those in need – a gift guide

Something I want to do more of this holiday season is support those in need around me. Jesus is continually opening my eyes to the many people in this country and around the world that have desperate needs.

I’m a part of my university’s campus chapter of International Justice Mission, which is an organization that fights human trafficking across the world to bring justice to the 40 million people who are trapped in slavery. IJM works with local law enforcement officers to fix broken justice systems and rescue survivors. Advocating and raising awareness about modern slavery on a college campus, plus being given the opportunity to go to DC to visit the IJM headquarters and learn more about this problem, has been life-changing. While prayer is likely the most important tool to fighting injustice, there are great ways that we can help others find hope and redemption just through what we’re asking for for Christmas!

Here are a few of the wonderful things we can buy this Christmas to support the many organizations who are fighting injustice and help rescue + restore survivors:

1 – Fund a sex trafficking rescue operation

Help fund the cost of one rescue operation to free victims of sex trafficking – from initial investigations through immediate aftercare. Rescue operations are conducted with local law enforcement to bring victims safely into freedom and to gather evidence against abusive traffickers and pimps.

2 – Provide immediate care for a survivor

The night of rescue can be overwhelming, but you can send a survivor tangible gifts of comfort and care. Give survivors an aftercare package that may include new clothing, toiletries and hair accessories, bedding, a journal and other small gifts.

3 – Fight sex trafficking

With this gift, you can send rescue and restoration to women and girls who have been trafficked, bring them the safe, long-term recovery and aftercare they need and stop violent criminals from abusing other girls.

4 – Provide a hot meal for a survivor of violence

Sometimes the simplest things can have the biggest impact. Provide a nutritious meal for a child or other survivor of violence on the day of their rescue, during their time in therapy, or on the day they bravely testify in court.

5 – Buy a key necklace from The Giving Keys

We can make a tangible impact on lives by simply purchasing a piece of jewelry from this company. Their products and message are beautiful, PLUS The Giving Keys has provided 70+ job opportunities to people transitioning out of homelessness. Through their purchases, they have generated 106,360 hours of work for people breaking out of poverty. What an incredible company!




  • This is so awesome. I have a friend who works for Operation Underground Railroad (OUR) and their mission is incredible to me. I love seeing that you took a gift guide and made it about making a real impact on those in need.

    • OUR has such an amazing mission and it’s so cool that your friend works there! Thanks for reading, Katie!

  • I LOVE these options to give back. Looking into the International Justice Mission now!

    • IJM is AMAZING! Their mission is so powerful.

  • I absolutely love this, it is SO incredibly important to not only be thankful for what we have but to be conscious of how blessed we are and how desperately we need to share those blessings. I particularly love to help the homeless as there as so many in my city.

    • I completely agree, Courtney, and it’s been something I’ve been thinking a lot about, especially recently! There are so many people even just in our cities that we can impact!